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Kindergarten Prep
(Age: 4 years - Kindergarten)

The BCC offers a kindergarten prep option that is taught by certified kindergarten prep. This program is grounded in kindergarten prep teaching fundamentals but differs in some ways to fit the philosophy of BCC that integrates "playing while learning. The program is offered in a traditional 9am - noon, Monday through Friday program that runs for the school calendar year. The program can be added to any child of pre school age that attends BCC on a full or part-time schedule as well.

Our Kindergarten prep program sets each student up for success as they prepare to enter grammar school. BCC sets the stage for self-confidence, inspires educational interests and builds social skills to ensure a long future of positive learning relationships.

Our Kindergarten prep program encourages progress at a child's own pace, according to individual needs and abilities. We are a play-based learning center and we teach dramatic play, music and creative art and with a high concentration in STEM.

We do not allow any passive media such as computers or hand held devices as we feel in this day and age children have ample exposure to technology. We do have a listening center which children can read along with books on tape. Books on tape are played daily in the beginning of our required 45 rest time for this age.